It’s the first Let’s Talk Tuesday of 2021! I hope everyone is having a great year so far. This time of year it is normal for people to be knee-deep in their 2021 new year's resolutions if they haven’t given up already. While I don’t have a “resolution”, I have realized some areas where I need repeated improvement. For me personally, it’s patience. You know what they say; “patience is a virtue”. It’s not like I have no patience at all, I have patience with certain things, but one of the areas where I need to improve my patience is with myself. For example, I’m impatient with my goals. I feel like I need to have certain things by a certain time or else I get uneasy and start to feel like a failure. I’m not a failure by any means but for some reason I’ve set certain deadlines for myself and get impatient when I don’t reach them. One thing that has helped me be more patient with myself is realizing that what’s for me is for me. No matter what the goal is, I will get there if it’s meant for me. It might not be in my timing or the way I envisioned it but I will still get there. Patience takes practice so help me out here and let’s talk. What are some ways that you practice patience with yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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