Let's Talk Tuesday - "You'll Be Fine"

It’s Let’s Talk Tuesday Guys! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. 

Last week we talked about how we must have the courage to believe that it gets better, whatever it is. Today, we will continue with that theme.

One of my favorite songs right now is Only If by Steve Lacy. It goes  “If I could travel through time I think I would tell myself from the past you’ll be fine.” 

This line resonated with me. Four years ago, I was just beginning my freshman year of college. If I could go back and talk to freshman me, one of the things I would tell myself is “you’ll be fine”. 

Last week, KevOnStage posted a video on Facebook which was basically a letter to himself in 2012 (https://youtu.be/onmVHF0KmjY). During the video he encourages his past self in what seemed to be like a tough year for him. In 2012, he was unhappy with his job, his house, and felt like he would never have the opportunity to earn a living doing what made him feel good. Flash forward 8 years later, he has worked with all of the people he dreamed of working with, has formed new friendships within his career, now works for himself and is able to employ others, has a big house, and even has a pool in his backyard. Almost as important as his accomplishments, he notes that everything isn’t perfect, but everything has turned out “fine”.

It’s important that we take moments to consider how far we have come. Have we met all of our goals? Maybe not, but we are closer to accomplishing them than we were the day before.

Let’s talk. What would you say to yourself 4 years in the past? Eight years in the past? You’re older and wiser now, so I’m sure there’s something you’d like to tell yourself. 

Now flip it. How would your future self encourage you as you are today? In other words, what are some words of encouragement you wish someone would give you?

It’s important that we know how to encourage ourselves, because sometimes there won’t be others around to offer it to us. 

As great as it would be, we can’t go back in time to encourage our past selves. We have to encourage our present selves to push through.

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